Richard VelazquezMy blog is a compilation of the things that interest me, so themes will vary. Postings include topics on travel, books, new product development, education, diversity, MBA, NSHMBA, marketing, business, and other random tidbits.

I’ve been involved in New Product Development since 1993, starting it all off as an intern for Brooklyn Union Gas designing utility truck bodies.  My first post-college job was as an Automotive Design Engineer with Honda and Porsche, followed by Brand Management at P&G, Global Product Planning/Product Management for Xbox at Microsoft, and now currently as a Sr. Director for PepsiCo in Marketing Equipment Innovations. I’ve attended both The Cooper Union in NYC for Mechanical Engineering and UC Berkeley for my MBA.

@Rich_Velazquez is my Twitter account ( http://twitter.com/Rich_Velazquez )

  1. #1 by Will M on June 10, 2014 - 8:37 pm

    Good blog. As an energy executive in the Bible Belt, I’ve tried to explain the benefits that D&D provided me in my youth to my peers. It taught me skills and lessons on problem solving and interpersonal dynamics that I benefit from today. The same is true today with some online based video games, where strategy of 6 cohesive middle-aged teammates beats the skill and dexterity of 6 teenagers 3 out of 4 times.

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