Be There TO Be Square!

For time immemorial, people have been goaded into attending events with the threat that non-conformance will forever tag them as a non-desirable.  In the vernacular, “Be there OR be square” has been the catchphrase of this popular marketing ploy.

As I was organizing a trip to see the much-anticipated Marvel movie, “The Avengers” tomorrow in New York City, I was about to use this classic tag-line to gently provide incentive to join our little troupe.  As I was writing it, I realized the irony of the situation – “The Avengers” movie premiere is going to be a veritable Geek-fest…. attending the event on opening night is as close to square as we could possibly get.  With more acceptance of geek culture in the mainstream, I decided to change this marketing pitch to embrace the geeks, comic aficionados, and super-hero movie-genre lovers…. “Be there TO be square!”

Therefore, embrace your inner geek and come join our merry gang at AMC Theaters 84th Street in New York City for the 10:30pm show on Friday, May 4, 2012.  This movie kicks off the 2012 Summer Movie Blockbuster season and there will be a dozen more opportunities to be square this summer.  Be there!

(Twitter hashtag, #BeThereToBeSquare)

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