NSHMBA Seattle Student Liaison Program – Sharing Best Practices

Some feedback I received from interviewing NSHMBA Presidents on the west coast is that we lack an effective forum for regularly sharing best practices.  I feel this LinkedIn group is a perfect opportunity to do just that.  I’d like to start it off with one of our new and successful programs for 2009, the Student Liaison Program.


  • Build awareness of NSHMBA in MBA programs in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Increase membership by enrolling student members in untapped universities.
  • Increase attendance at our events through better promotions at the university level.
  • Establish a main point of contact to the administrators of these programs to promote the NSHMBA National Conference, the NSHMBA Scholarship, and the University Partner Program.
  • Increase Hispanic student representation at both the Universities and the National Conference.

Program Outline:

Student Liaisons from AACSB accredited MBA programs in Washington and Oregon agree to support the chapter by:

  • marketing NSHMBA events and programs
  • attend monthly conference calls and board meetings
  • submit status reports
  • compiling statistics on Hispanic representation in their respective programs
  • serve as a conduit to the adminstration to promote NSHMBA Scholarship, Conference, and UPP.

In exchange, Student Liaisons receive:

  • $400 towards travel to the NSHMBA National Conference and Career Expo
  • Complimentary NSHMBA Student Membership
  • Access and visibility to local corporate recruiters and sponsor companies
  • Direct access to NSHMBA Seattle Executive Board of professional members for mentorship, recommendations, and referrals.

Full details on our chapter website: http://www.nshmba.org/seattle


1) Preliminary results have been promising.  Since our founding in 2005, we’ve only had consistent dealings with one school, the University of Washington Foster School of Business.  Since we initiated the Student Liaison Program, we’ve expanded to 5 additional schools and have a student liaison in each school:

  • University of Washington-Bothell
  • Gonzaga University
  • Seattle University
  • Willamette University
  • Washington State University

    2) Our student liaison at Willamette, Evelyn Martinez, has done a phenomenal job in organizing our very first event in Portland, Oregon (a 3-hour drive from Seattle) – the Career Management Program geared to professionals and students in Oregon attending the National Conference.  This will segue into another event next month in Oregon.  This is the beginning of our goal to increase the presence of NSHMBA to our neighboring state of Oregon.

    3) All five student liaisons will be traveling to the National Conference.  They are also actively promoting the National Conference in their respective schools.  Before this program, many of the administrators at these schools did not know about the NSHMBA National Conference.  There will now be representation at the Conference from schools that have never historically attended.

    4) In promoting this program to the Universities, we made contact with the Business Director of the University of Washington – Bothell, and they have agreed to join the University Partner Program and attend the NSHMBA National Conference.

    Next Steps:

    1) Our goal for this academic year is to expand this program to identify student liaisons in five additional universities, for a total of 10 student liaisons.

    2) We will be following up with the current and future universities, through contacts provided by the liaisons, to promote the University Partner Program.

    3) All Student Liaisons will be able to meet at the National Conference, for a strategic planning session as well as to share best practices from each of the schools.

    4) We plan a much stronger scholarship drive from the Pacific Northwest by leveraging the student liaisons before the scholarship period begins.

    5) Share the program with other NSHMBA Chapter Presidents.  Do other chapters have a similar program?  What have your results been and how can we learn from your experiences?

    If you have any questions about this program, feel free to contact me.

    Richard Velazquez, NSHMBA Seattle President

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