Happy Holidays Everyone!

Christine and I are spending the holidays with her family in San Francisco.  After Christmas, we’ll be spending a week or so in Los Cabos, Mexico for some much needed R&R.  We left Redmond with some record snowfall on Thursday, December 18, 2008 and we here that it has snowed even more this weekend.  We’re lucky we got away when we did.
So 2008 has been a pretty eventful year for me.  I emerged from a pretty miserable relationship and was fortunate enough to meet my future wife, Christine which turned out to be the catalyst for more good things to come (it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you are actually happy with life 🙂 ).  I received a promotion at work, just received a Gold Star Award for exceptional performance (which comes with a nice monetary bonus), ended up getting a new assignment at work with more visibility and opportunity to impact a greater portion of the business, drove the NSHMBA Seattle Chapter to one of its best years since its founding, got re-elected to run the Chapter for another year, traveled to several countries that I’d been anxious to see for many years, and ended the year with a nice vacation with my beautiful finacee.  I feel very fortunate for this year and have Christine to thank for all of her love and support.
In order to save trees I do not send holiday cards, so I will use this as the medium to wish you all a very joyous holiday season and a very Happy New Year!  May all of your dreams come true in 2009.

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