Wedding Plans

My beautiful fiancee, Christine and I have finally settled on a wedding date this coming July.  We’ve got the location narrowed down to 2 choices which will be fully vetted once we visit my family again this Thanksgiving.  Whichever location we decide on, at least we know for sure that the reception will include a good deal of salsa dancing.  It’s so nice to be marrying someone who can dance and I’m fortunate that Christine is a phenomenal dancer.  She hasn’t been dancing On 1 for that long, but she’s already dancing On 2 to help me practice for my Salsa Salvaje performances.  In more matrimonial news, tomorrow we will finally pick up her custom engagement ring so she can wear that permanently in place of the current ring that I gave her so many months ago.  For those that aren’t on Facebook, I’ve included two pictures of the happy couple 🙂  The first is at UW at a Scholarship function we attended representing NSHMBA Seattle.  She’s been so wonderfully supportive of all the time I spend as NSHMBA Seattle President.  Due to this support, when I was voted back as the 2009 President, I readily accepted the position.  The second picture is from the top of Microsoft Bellevue on Memorial Day weekend, 2 months before we were engaged and not too long after I met her at Century Ballroom in Seattle.  More news through Facebook!!
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