Home Office

I bought what I think is a nice desk for my home office a little while back.  The desk turned out to be a lot more dangerous than I would have thought.  I left one of the doors on the hutch open, sat down to look at some pictures, and then stood up straight into the very corner of the open door, almost knocking myself out.  It hurt like hell but luckily I didn’t get any blood on the carpet..  I couldn’t see how deep the puncture was, so I washed it off the blood as best as I could and took a picture of it to determine whether or not I should take myself to the hospital.  Well, I never had stitches and have never been to the hospital here in Redmond, so I figured I’d let it be.  Anyway, I decided to keep a display at home of all of the Xbox products I’ve worked on.  Given that I have to start sharing an office again soon at work, I decided to bring those products home.  I set them up as a display above my new home-office desk.  It doesn’t look too bad.
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