Today I finally decided to place my order for a new sofa set.  I decided to do it as a birthday gift to myself.  Last time I did something like that for my own birthday was probably when I lived in Germany.  I had never had a nice watch, and since I was pretty well-off in Germany, I decided to treat myself to a Tissot Watch, which I almost lost in Malibu.  I had gone to Malibu so that I could try paragliding and I had a rather rough landing in some brush.  When I got back to the hotel room, I realized that I did not have my watch.  I couldn’t remember if I took it with me or not, so I looked through the photos and noticed that I was indeed wearing it before I left.  So, I high-tailed it back to the mountain for what I thought would be an impossible mission.  I couldn’t remember where I landed, so I was off in the brush probably 100 yards or more from where it actually was, but eventually it was found. The pictures below are from that Malibu getaway.
But anyway, I digress…  So the sofas are the Bryant edition that I had checked out at this guy’s home "showroom".  I got him down to $800 with Sofa and Loveseat, which isn’t a bad.  
LA & Malibu - Jul06 039The picture that showed I was wearing the watch (barely).

LA & Malibu - Jul06 025LA & Malibu - Jul06 026

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