Flying Lake Chelan

What a difference a year makes.  Last year one of my first solo flights was at Lake Chelan, WA.  Lake Chelan has this amazing clear water that looks Caribbean blue when the sun shines on it.  Anyway, my training flights last year at the Lake were short but sweet.  This time, with my new soaring abilities, I was able to get over 1500 feet above the launch (which is itself at 3,800 feet) to take the fabulous shots you can see in the photo album.  The flight on Saturday, July 10th was a bit turbulent since I took off after 4pm.  After gaining about 800 feet above, I head for the nearby landing zone.  It was too shaky for picture taking.  On Sunday, I took off close to noon and instantly caught some major thermals, shooting me straight up into the sky.  My brake was wrapped around the flying lines, so I was only able to make left turns until I got high enough in the air to fix the situation.  Once that was done, I used weightshifting to steer while I took the photos.  In the last few, you’ll be able to see the landing zone, which  was a nice grassy park/soccer field right next to the river.
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