Mailbox Peak Hike

Mailbox Peak is one of the training hikes in preparation for climbing Mt. Rainier August 5-7, 2006.  It was organized by Scott at Microsoft and there were about 10 people in attendance.
Before going on the hike, I did some research and almost every site that I read talked about what a difficult climb it is and how hard it is on the legs.  I was a bit concerned because I didn’t start hiking until last weekend at Tiger Mountain.  Anyway, it wasn’t as bad as everything you read.  The only difficult part was up towards the top near the rocks.  Since it was so steep and the snow was so hard, it was very difficult to get a foothold, and the fear of falling backwards and sliding all the way back down the hill at top speed was very real.
After reaching the top and heading towards some shelter for lunch, the snow collapsed underneath me and my left knee banged a rock.  It hurt pretty bad.  Thanks to Daniel and Angelina for providing the Advil that kept it in check.  I made it down and would’ve been up for hiking Tiger if it wasn’t for the knee.  I rushed over to Tiger anyway to fly, but it was a bit late by the time I got there.
Anyway, great hike and great bunch of people.  It’s nice to finally see other areas of Washington! 🙂
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